What’s blooming at the nursery right now…

Dogwood branch in flower

Spring is in the air, and all of our beautiful plants are starting to wake up out here.  Buds are starting to swell and burst, and some of our early spring favorites are strutting their floral displays – a welcome sight after a few months of winter!  With the growing season quickly approaching us, it soon will be time to start getting our hands dirty again.  We invite you to come out and see how native plants can fit into your landscaping plans for the year!

Serviceberries, Amelanchier sp. – These lovely small trees/large shrubs are as beautiful as they are delicious, and are a tasteful addition to any landscape.  In early spring the entire plant is covered in delicate white flowers, which emerge around the same time the leaves start to grow.  The scrumptious red berries ripen in June, and are loved by birds and humans alike.  Some selections have show-stopping fall color as well.

Blueberries, Vaccinium sp. – We are all familiar with these beloved classics, and growing them in your own backyard couldn’t be easier.  What many people may not realize is how ornamental these shrubs are both in flower and foliage, with some selections being down-right beautiful.  We have several varieties at the nursery, even some compact types – and a couple of our selections also have fiery red fall color as well.

SpicebushLindera benzoin – Cute little yellow flowers cover this medium-sized shrub in early spring, creating a delicate, yet pleasing display.  The pretty, red berries ripen in early fall, and are relished by birds.  This is also the favored native host plant for the Spicebush Swallowtail, whose caterpillars feed on the leaves.  An interesting fact about this plant – the berries and crushed leaves emit a spicy odor, hence the common name.