Plant Spotlight – Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’

This outstanding hybrid combines the beauty of the now extinct Franklina, with the adaptability of the Gordonia.  Both plants have many ornamental attributes of there own, and together, they provide unbeatable showy flowers, with dependability in the landscape.  The fall color on this plant is spectacular as well, with all shades of bright red imaginable.  Gordlinia ‘Sweet Tea’ grows to a small tree about 20 feet tall, and 15 feet wide, and prefers full sun-partial shade.  It is hardy to zone 7, and semi evergreen, the farther south you go.  Franklinias are notorious for being difficult to cultivate, but with the improved vigor of the Gordonia’s genetics, enjoying these beautiful flowers is now easier than ever.  We are putting these plants into production at the nursery, and expect our first crop to be available by Fall 2016.