“Native Plants for Birds” lecture voted Best Program of 2015 by Primrose Garden Club Greer, SC

Last year Mary Holcombe of Southern Heritage Nursery had the honor of speaking at many different events throughout the region, including meetings held for conservation groups and garden clubs, and even class programs at continuing education centers.  Community outreach is something she enjoys very much, and it is especially meaningful when a program of hers is voted a “Best Of”!  The Primrose Garden Club of Greer, SC is a wonderful group of local ladies who all have a shared passion of beautifying the area they live in though gardening.  They held over a dozen programs over the course of 2015, so we were blown away when they contacted us to let us know that our “Native Plants for Birds” program had been voted the Best of 2015 by the members of the club.  It means so much to us to be recognized in this way!  Thank You Primrose Garden Club!


If you would like Mary Holcombe of Southern Heritage Nursery to speak at your next meeting or event, please call 864-373-3660, or email info@southernheritagenursery.com